Thursday, June 27, 2013

And now for something completely not part of a comedy sketch...and yes it's still crafting!

So I'm sat here with the words "and now for something completely different" running around in my head thinking it's a catch phrase from a comedy show.  Was it Not the Nine o'clock news?  I don't think so.....Monty Python maybe?  I think so.  I love Monty Python sketches "The Ministry of funny walks" and "The dead parrot sketch" are two of my favourites and still make me giggle.  I bought the box set for my eldest boy at Christmas to share the joy and he now sits watching it sniggering.  I do think the humour was so out there at the time it was produced but still very clever and funny today.

Anyway back to crafting and as I've mentioned in previous posts my good friend Irene who is right handed has been trying to teach me, a left hander how to crochet.  Up to now I have just been making dish cloths as I work on the principal that at least they're useful. 
Who would have expected them to be so popular?
I'm on my fifth one already having been asked for the last couple.  I used the first one at the weekend, finally plucking up courage to.  It is little oddly shaped being my first and with a few missing stitches but it works well and has washed out beautifully.
The life of a dish cloth maker!  I can feel a story coming on.  LOL.
Anyway at our crop the weekend just gone I wasn't feeling great and was not in the best of humour initially so Irene took me to task and started me on a flower pattern.  Here are the results in order.
The first is a bit wobbly and loose with a short top, the second a bit better all round but still loose then last night I sat with the same idea but changed the pattern a wee bit and as a result the third flower. 

I have used cotton thread for the first too but just loved the multi colour of the third yarn and had to have it.  I don't know why do you?  :)
So it's onwards and upwards on the crochet front.  I am so keen to get on with some granny squares just now, you would not believe.  Sad but true.  It's such a shame I have another mountain of ironing to tackle and I am doing an extra shift at work tomorrow. 

I better go and get moving, I've got my pals dog and mine to walk today and my boy home for lunch again.  Enjoy your Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow with another LIS card.


Lau W said...

oh wouah ! You're talented again and again ! Superb flowers !

Juls said...

Fab!!! My dad has tried loads of times to teach me to crochet but I just can't get it! Well impressed by your talent!! Hugs Juls

scrappymo! said...

I like all three...I rather like the ones with the loose edges...I think they would even look great together.
I have seen them layered with a bit of burlap behind them (diecut), with other flowers or used alone...
Very pretty!

Off to catch up a bit...hangs head in shame...
Sorry so long since my last visit. as you may have guessed I did not bound back to any sort of routine after the back surgery and I'm still struggling to regain mobility. I have another back operation to go but need my back to regain stability before they will proceed. Bit if a drag but there it is. Leaves me to tired to make all my old rounds...but will catch up and be back soon
Lovely flowers!!

Shazza said...

they look great Erika, wish I could do that x