Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's not raining Cats and Dogs.

Oh well I missed what's on your work desk Wednesday again yesterday. 
In my defence Wednesday is turning out to be one of my busiest days of the week just now.  Having said that yesterday was fun.  I did my usual food shop but then had a wee mooch around my local town.  I ended up with a few bargains for the house and family, one of which had me whooping with joy.  Why?  Well I haven't mentioned it much on here but last June I started my journey with a local Slimming World group...all that baking and sat on my bum crafting was finally taking it's toll.  I decided it was time to do something about it. 
Yesterday's shopping trip was the cherry on the cake as I managed to get a pair of jeans 4 dress sizes smaller than last year and feeling great about it too.  With all that excitement and the usual music and Judo classes last night I didn't even venture into my craft room all day!  Shocking I know.  How will I cope?!

Today I have a bespoke card made this week for a friend who every year asks me to make her daughter a card.  It is usually a similar theme of "cats and dogs" so I have to remember what I've already done in the past.  This year I decided, for a change, to do her initial and add a couple of embellishments. 
Here it is....

I do hope her daughter likes it.

That's all from me today I'm now away to work on my next Sugar bowl card ready for next months challenge as I have a lot of things to organise for the end of the month.
I also had an interesting telephone conversation yesterday about another possible project....but my lips are sealed on that least for now!


marion said...

Good for you, 4 sizes is a lot. What a lovely card you made for Karen, Have a fab day, hugs,Marion

Doreen said...

Beautiful card,love the design and fab

Lau W said...

I'm sure that the person will be happy with this card, so beautiful and soft creation, love it !
Congrats for your shopping ;-)

cuilliesocks said...

Wow!! 4 dress sizes down, well done you!! You must feel so much fitter now.

Lovely card today, love the big letter and the little embellies, kate x

Shazza said...

4 sizes!!!! That is fantastic. I'll not recognise you when I see you next. Love the card x

Kirsti said...

Already said congrat on the weight lost but ingrates again...fantastic achievement Erika..well done..

Lovely card..

Kirsti xx

Kat said...

What's not to like Erika, it's a lovely card. I'm sure your friend and her daughter will both love it.

Brilliant news about your weight loss. 4 sizes smaller is fantastic. I really, really need to do something about my weight! I have such a sweet tooth and that doesn't help. I've baked for Christmas, then the WRI, then two shows this week. I still need to bake in May as it's my friend's turn for teas so she did my sandwiches so I'll do her cakes. I think I can see a solution to a lot of the stuff that's in my tins at the moment. I'll take it to my daughter when we go to babysit at the weekend!!

Kat xx

Unknown said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, 4 dress sizes what an achievement, bet you feel FAB. I follow SW too but I seem to be going up instead of down but I treat the Group Night as a social night. Will try harder.

Love your card, bet it will be much appreciated, what a great idea using the initial, one to try if you don't mind.

Wilma x x x

Kath Stewart said...

love the card Erika and big congrats on the weight loss...crikey if you stand sideways...we won't see you...hugs kath xxx

Erika said...

Wow Erika, congratulations on your weight loss. That must have been such a morale boost being able to fit in to jeans four times smaller. Well done you. Your card is just purrfect. Have a good weekend.
Liz xx