Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting my crafting head on!

Hi folks after a busy Saturday at much food!  LOL.  Guess Mother's day on Sunday didn't help.  It was bonkers busy....if you can call it that so much so when I came home everything I had planned went out the window and I had a hot bath, tea and then threw myself at the sofa and chillaxed.
How was Mother's day for you? 
I've come to the conclusion that some training needs to be undertaken here.  I got a lovely coat and some PJ's from my kids, although I believe that was hubby's doing! 
Duties done on their part. 
I had the usual ferry to a very cold session of rugby training then they disappeared with their friends to their bedrooms all afternoon.  Still I got a man mountain of ironing done and dusted whilst catching up on some TV I'd taped.
I wonder do the kids realise that as a parent you'd much rather they made you a cup of tea or tidied up after themselves for a day?!  We don't ask for much us mums, do we?  That would mean more to me that any present. 
I think I need to change tactics at home and stop doing so much for them....the more you do the less they do.

Moving on today I am putting together some ideas for an event I am involved in through at the Papeterie at the beginning of next month.  I am designing 5 classes so better get my thinking cap on.
Whilst I am doing so I thought I'd share this sign I found recently on Facebook....and I wonder why my craft room is never tidy....this is so me.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
Have a super Monday whatever you are up to.  x


marion said...

hehehe love the saying hehehe, have a lovely day, hugs, Marion

Lau W said...

You're a super woman ;-))

cuilliesocks said...

This sign says it all really. Yes, maybe a little less done wouldn't hurt, but that's mums for you. Enjoy your presents, Kate x

Shazza said...

I'm with you on the training - cup of tea and some chores would have been just perfect.

Kat said...

Love that sign Erika, think it probably applies to most of us!!

My son and younger daughter arrived yesterday with cards, a candle, flowers and chocolate. Needless to say I cooked their tea and cleared up after them!

Kat xx