Friday, January 04, 2013

What no crafting!

Hi folks today I've been working and will be tomorrow also so very little crafting going on.  I did manage to put my finishing touches to the next Sugar Bowl challenge, another tick in the box!  You will have to wait for that one.  Plus I only have one more order to complete.  I may get time to play soon, can't wait.

The pup is enjoying walks out but hasn't cottoned on yet that she does her business whilst out and still comes home for that...I take it she will learn?! 
It's that long since I've had a pup I can't remember.
Needless to say she is flat out this evening after everyone wanting to walk long will that last?
Probably not long but I'm taking full advantage for now.

I'd just like to finish today by wishing you all well for the first weekend of the year and hopefully I will get chance to share some crafting fun next week.  Have a good one!


Kat said...

Not usually long till you get left with the walking, feeding, brushing etc.

As for going to the toilet at home I find that my two soon cottoned on. In fact Max won't even have a wee in the garden. Blue will, he's not fussy. Both of them would have to be really desperate to do anything else at home. We found that if they showed any sign of wanting to go to the toilet at home if you marched them off somewhere else straight away they soon cottoned on. We live in the country so I suppose it was quite easy to drag them back out of the gate to somewhere more suitable!

Kat xx

Unknown said...

Hi Erika, like Kat's dogs my two, because I walked them every couple of hours they got used to weeing outside. Now Shaolin only does his business out of the garden but Mei Li just squats anywhere. I used to talk to them saying wee wee or poo poo when trying to train them and they soon got the idea. Being consistent is the key. Good luck!

Wilma x x x

Shazza said...

sounds like you are a busy bee Erika. I am sure it will soon be down to you to do all the doggy stuff x