Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whoops, missed it again this week.

No what's on your work desk this Wednesday for me but I have finally got my kids back to school and today I have been playing catch up with exciting things like washing!
I've also had a wee tidy in my craft room.....I know, unheard of!
Do I really need so much ribbon?! 

I have most of my ribbon either on rolls or stored in jars and it's no good I'm going to either have to let go of some, so hard, or I am going to need to purchase considerably more jars.
Decisions, decisions.  The bags in front of the jars are all waiting for new jars.
Believe me this really is tidy compared to how it was.

I'm hoping to find a little time to play later depending on how much homework comes home tonight after having most of the week away from school. 
In the meantime I've got a dental visit with my oldest boy. 

Catch you all later.


Lau W said...

Wow !!! Yes, you need so much ribbon !
Have a nice day !!

Unknown said...

Well when you said you had a lot of ribbon I thought yes don't we all till I had a closer look at your photo, WOW you do have a lot but it is all required.

Wilma x x

cuilliesocks said...

Yeh you need it all, if you get rid of any, you'll find you need it for a project, then you'll have to buy all over again, kate x

Kat said...

I'm sure you do need it all Erika and as Kate says if you get rid of any then you'll need it for something. I've got too much ribbon too!!

Kat xx

Juls said...

ooooh so many lovely ribbons and gorgeous things!! makes me want to come and play!! Hugs Juls