Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Inverness trip.

Oh what a great day I've had.  Today I had to take my car again to Inverness to get fixed so I took full advantage and got in a little shopping too.  Eyebrows threaded, new make up purchased and a couple of items of clothing before another trip to Dunelm.  What a girlie day I've had, not normally my thing but as I was over getting the car sorted I thought, why not?
This week I am in work again for four days, another busy one without too much time for crafting.
Today I have put down the iron and I have decide to give this ago, because I can!

Normally I insist on having all my jobs up to date plus card orders and housework, which is why I rarely get to play!  So today I thought sod it, it's cold outside I'm going to have some fun.  Last year I only managed a couple of the above tags but I intend to play along this year...and make the time. 
I shall be back tomorrow to show you how I got on.  Happy Monday everyone, wrap up's cold outside.
(Stating the obvious!)


Kat said...

Looking forward to seeing your tag Erika. I never seem to have time to do much more than the things I have to just now. Probably too easily distracted with blogs and shopping!!

It was so cold at work today I spent the whole day wearing fingerless gloves. Crazy since I work in the post office!

Kat xx

Unknown said...

Hi Erika, What joy a Girly Day. Hope you enjoyed you play and have produced a lovely tag for us to see. Will be waiting to see it tomorrow.

Wilma x x x

Wiccababe said...

good for you quine, can't wait to see your take on Tim's tag :)

Lau W said...

Ok i'm waiting to see your creations !
Oh you had a super girly day, love that !