Monday, March 14, 2011

It was my friend Pam's birthday yesterday and as it was a big one I wanted to include a little keepsake in with her present.
This is what I came up with:

Pam loves tulips so when I saw these ladies I just had to have them.
I have been playing just lately with a soldering iron and am liking making up these little glass slides.

My local craftshop Papercraft's Boutique will sortly be getting a super Beading bar and I can't wait to add to my collection of beads, which in comparison to my papercraft stash is some what small. 

.....I so need a bigger craft room, LOL. 
No actually I lie I just need a major clear out,
but I hate getting rid of anything that might come in or be useful drives my hubby mad!
I can't be ruthless it's just not in my nature,
you can guarantee the week after a clear out I want to use something I've thrown away or handed on elsewhere
....sods law and all that.
So I will live with my muddle and be grateful I have no bigger worries.

Have a great Monday guys and craft on!!


Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous Erika!!

Sarah Louise said...

Beautiful Erika, i am sure Pam loved it.

Juls said...

ooooooooooooooooooh wow!!!!!! This is gorgeous!!

i am just back from holiday, they did not have many paper craft shops, but they did have loads of shops that sold jewlary making I have treated myself to a few things hoping to make some jewlary/key ring&bag thank you for your inspiration, I definatly want to get started now!!

Hugs Juls

Anonymous said...

Wow stunning!

Ali x