Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks to Elaine for this blog award, wow I love it.  Now onto conditions I have to add 10 facts about myself and then nominate another 10 folk so here goes:

1.  I love to craft slowly!
2.  I would be lost without my laptop.
3.  I love it when my kids laugh, my little one has a really deep giggle.
4.  I have a thing for chocolate.
5.  I also have a thing for red wine!
6.  My first car looked like Mr Bean's.
7.  My favourite TV show just now is Cougar Town.
8.  My favourite season is Spring.
9.  My favourite flower is the freshia.
10.  Thinks you can never get too much sleep!

Now onto who I am sending this award onto:

1.  Teresa
2.  Gayle
3.  Fiona
4.  Shazza
5.  Sharon
6.  Leigh
7.  Tracy
8.  Sarah
9.  Dawn
10.  Kara

Happy crafting everyone and Elaine, thanks again.  xxx


Shazza said...

thank you very much

Sharon said...

Thanks Erika. I will get a chance later on to play too...x