Monday, June 21, 2010

So another award....I am honoured this week.  Many thanks to Kirsti for this award, I enjoyed reading your "creative writer" comments true or false I can't decide!!!!
So onto mine:

1.  I once had an interview to work as a dancer on a cruise ship.
2.  I can strip a 5.56 rifle blindfolded!
3.  I won a singing competition.
4.  I have done loop the loops in a chipmunk aeroplane.
5.  I worked as an Au pair in the USA.
6.  I have dangled by my breathing apparatus off a ladder in a burning building and survived!

Are you laughing?  Are you surprised?  Which are true, which are false?!
Only you can decide.

Now onto the class I went to on Saturday at Simply Create in Alford with the lovely and very talented Kath.  We had a ball and this is what we created.  There is proof how hard we all worked over on Kath's blog, lol!

I loved working with the Tim Holtz distress inks and Claudine Hellmuth's sticky back canvas, I so NEED some canvas!! :)
Thanks to Kath for a super class, Jacqui for a super location, Anne for tea and CAKE and Kirsti, Sonja and all the other girls for a right good giggle...promise not to sing next time.....NOT!!


Kirsti said...

oooh Erika you are such a tease - I am going to go for the one about the rifle - Am I right???

Kath Stewart said...

am loving looking at everyone's fab boxes and was so much fun and thank you for coming along to join in the fun...hugs kath xxx

ForgedinPaper said...

The ringing is just subsiding in my ears from your singing lol. Thanks for the good company. Love your true and false answers but which is true mmm. I can see you doing all of them TBH.I'm plumping for number 4 as true though.

Sparkle and Flourish said...

oooo wish I could have been there! Booooooo! Your box and card are lovely. Thanks so much for the award......erm..... I promise to post it sometime this year! lol!! I am sooooo bad at these things. They always sound so naff when I write them ! LOL!!

HUgs Judy xx