Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now I am interested to hear as a crafter/card maker what you think about Valentine's Day?
Every year I make cards and not being a "hearty lovey dovey" type person I preferring to use humour.
This year I seem to have hit a brick wall.  I've done DIY parts, nuts, knickers, pants, bra's, sweeties, chocolate, chilli peppers, roses and the usual hearts, argh!!  (To name but a few).
What has been your favourite card, I'd love to know?
Or does the day come and go with no real meaning?
Are you like me and maybe a few sweets and a nice meal at home for my boys or do you go all out?


Kirsti said...

You're back - missed We just 'don't do' Valentines at all in this house - given up getting all huffy about it cos it aint gonna Does that help!!!!...xoxo

Unknown said...

I certainly won't be doing Valentines this year, can't remember the last time it actually meant anything (ooh bitter and twisted old me), shop window will be pretty though!

Mrsjobee said...

Don't do Valentines either - DH will buy an overpriced card and some chocs and its usually a carry out!! Have seen an idea for a not too mushy type card which I might have a go at.

Sharon said...

I am not in to slush either LOL
However Michael does like to surprise me now and again so some years I'll get loads and others year zilch!
I know if we had babysitters though he would love to take me away to Paris or something for a Valentine treat. He is the slushy one - me I'm not - I'd be happy with a voucher for a scrapbook store LOL

CLARE said...

Hello Erika. i have to agree with you re Valentines day. Neither DH or I are into romantic cards, we prefer insults! The one he liked the best was when I did a corset shape on the front of the card - it said on the front 'theres something really saucy inside' and then I stuck a sachet of tomato ketchup inside. I'm all out of ideas now though like you.