Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forgive me for I have sinned, it has been nearly a week since my last post.
As if I care!!
On Friday night last week my eldest boy decided to have an accident with a basket ball and a pal, ending up with a trip to A & E and a fractured little finger on his right hand. He was a very brave soldier and had his first x-ray. Bless. Must remember to take a picture whilst it is black and blue to scrapbook the event. So question for you?
Does that make us scrapbookers' cruel? Always wanting to take pictures!
Saturday was spent at Papercraft's in Elgin teaching 2 classes which I believe the ladies enjoyed, I did anyway.
On Sunday we headed to Gordonstoun to watch the other half play hockey, boy our team had new talent and very yummy too. (Might have to watch more often now!)
The Moray team won as well, yippee 6-1.
Whilst the game was on my eldest went conker hunting and came back with a bag full for school. Some traditions are passed down the generations but I do believe that now the "Conker fight" in the playground is no more, health and safety, guess goggles and protective headwear would be required today!

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