Monday, May 18, 2015

Climbing my own mountain just now, will I get to the top?

Where did my morning go?
I think someone stole it while I wasn't looking?
Did you have a good weekend?
I had a very lazy one.  Trying to get my boys to do anything just now is definitely fruitless.
I am putting it down to exams and hoping things pick up as the weather improves.
I enjoyed just chilling, a bit of card making, a new book and two new crochet projects, one of which I have even finished.  Now I don't want you to think that must mean the granny square blanket is finished, as is the bunny, nope, I've just put them to one side whilst I start something else.
How many unfinished projects can you have on the go at once?  If only there was a prize!
I'm sure I'd have even a little competition.

Today I have a bespoke card to share with you.  When I was asked for this card I did think, how on earth will I manage this one?
I was asked for a grey climbing wall, a climbing rope and helmet.
I can remember saying to my crafting buddies at the last crop, mmmm, I don't know quite how I'm going to tackle this one.  Then as I chatted I had a brain wave, it doesn't happen very often!
This is what I came up with.

I made the climbing wall with paper and thread, the helmet I drew and then cut out adding colour and glaze to give it a more realistic look.  the rope is embroidered thread and I used some wire to create the carabiners and figure of eight equipment.
I was happy with the final effect  but I do hope her daughter likes it.

Have you ever tried rock climbing?
I'm afraid I am not a natural.  I tried in my late teens and found it very difficult to lift my own body weight with my arms.  I found the view at the top of the cliff was the best bit and the abseiling down great fun, once you get over the initial going over the edge, but the climbing up very tough indeed.
I've never had the urge to give it another go, maybe I would find it easier now?  Probably not!

That's all from me today, I'm working the rest of the week except Friday and Sunday, so a busy time. I better go and get cracking.  I guess my blogging this week might be later in the day.  I have a few things that I was playing with over the weekend to share, so as Arnold would say, "I'll be back!"


Jo said...

Genius card Erika, you definitely nailed that one! Glad you had a lazy weekend....that's my plan for next weekend cos this one was the busiest I've had for daughter's 13th birthday & I'm still shattered lol.
hugs Jo x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A very ingenious solution to your card dilemma Erika, I'm sure your customer and the birthday girl will be delighted with this original design.
Hope your week goes well.

Lau W said...

Oh wow ! so original card Erika ! Great job, you're creative...again ! ;-) congrats !
Have a nice day, here it's raining pffff ! :-)

Patricia said...

Brilliant card, you clever girl ... love it
Patricia x

Hazel said...

Erika. You have come up with a fantastic design for this card. It's fab. Hazel xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, fabulous card, as you know Alistair is a climber, and he has just given your climbing elements the thumbs up. Fantastic make, I'm sure the girl will love it, hugs Kate x

Carol said...

I think you came up trumps with this one Erika, it looks fabulous. I don't do climbing or going over edges...I'm terrified of heights! Carol x