Saturday, November 27, 2010

There's no business like snow business!!!
Mind you there are advantages of living close to the sea, we have far less than the rest of the North of Scotland and it usually melts.  Unfortunately we do get cut off as the roads seem to be really bad or as they say on the travel news
"Don't travel unless you have too!"
Like you would contact them if you didn't have to make a journey and check the route!

When the weather is like it is there is only one thing to do...wrap up warm and stay indoors.
Sounds like a crafty/baking day today...but what to do first?

Looking forwards to our local crop tomorrow so maybe I shall be organised for once and take something to do and have it all to complete, that would be a first. 
It's our Christmas crop so looking forwards to seeing every ones festive "challenges".


Kirsti said...

we are pretty much like that too Erika...think there was about another 6" fell last night and we had lightening and thunder which was very weird...wish I could come to the crop...have a great weekend and catch up soon!!! (((Hugs))) Kirsti xxx

ForgedinPaper said...

Bake first so you have supplies for crafting with plenty of cups of tea. Enjoy the crop tomorrow.

Sarah Louise said...

It all looks so nice with a dusting odf the white stuff, just a shame it causes so much trouble.