Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did I mention that it's my pal Gayle's birthday tomorrow?
Oh I did!
Well as a fella crafter I did send a wee bag of new stash for her to play with. 
I also wanted to make a little something to keep so I made this charm bracelet. 
I'm afraid all my charms and beads have been picked up over the web as too the little box, it's so cute and it can be reused and recycled...environmentally friendly!!


Fiona Duthie said...

Thats gorgeous Erika!! I am sure your friend will LOVE it. I will let you know when it is my birthday...LOL!!!


Anne said...

Erika the braclet is gorgeous !!!----your friend will love it !!!
Anne xxx

Elaine said...

Oh that's just gorgeous! I can see the photos of Ava and Maya! What a beautiful and very thoughtful gift.
Love Elaine xx

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Erika! Happy Birthday to Gayle!!
Thank you so much for your cute comment about my bedroom re-do. I would LOVE to come to Scotland to help with yours!!! My husband and I have been dreaming of going for several years now. We made the mistake of picking Hawaii last year as our 'BIG" vacation instead. Wrong choice. I think I would have much rather seen your beautiful country!
My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Leigh said...

Oh thats beautiful Erika.

Kirsti said...

From what I seen on Sunday, it was gorgeous Erika...You have a very lucky friend indeedy...xox

Dawn said...

It is beautiful Erika, what a very thoughtful gift.