Sunday, March 01, 2009

"White Rabbits"!
Ooooo the sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view.....March is here and spring, shhh is on it's way. My favourite time of year, it's getting warmer, all the bulbs in the garden are starting to come out and the nights are getting lighter, yippee.

Looking at some of my fellow crafter's blogs, quite often it is mentioned what book is being read. I used to read loads but often collapse in front of the TV late at night rather than getting my nose in a book. However I have just finished a book that was recommended to me by one of the ladies who have opened a new shop in the village called "Seahorse". We'd got chatting and she said you must read this if you get chance, "Angels in my Hair" by Lorna Byrne. What a beautiful uplifting book...wouldn't it be nice to think that we all have a guardian angel watching over us, protecting us?
Whether you believe or not Lorna is a remarkable lady, I couldn't put the book down.


Mrsjobee said...

Maybe I will have a look for that one in the library - I love people recommending me boks - makes me pick up things I wouldn't normally look at.

MicheleP said...

White Rabbits right back atcha ;)
thanks for the book suggestion