Monday, March 16, 2009

I was right to be excited about our girlie craft day on Saturday, boy did I have a good time. Good company, good food, crafting the day away....heaven!
Thanks Sharon and Fiona for organising the event, looks like it might have to be a regular event now. Must ask the girls if I can post a couple of their pics on here of the my dreams, (the house) it was huge.

On to's my eldest baby's 10th birthday today, so where has that time gone?!
Isn't it funny what kids are like. He got a super new bike off us with the weather hopefully starting to improve and some Battle brawlers from his brother, the latest crazy at school amongst other things. Guess what he was more interested in...the little balls of plastic!
Still the weather has been pants today so maybe he'll get out on his bike tomorrow.
So girls I finally got around to making his birthday card and for those of you who know him, know he's rugby daft. It had to be a card on that theme in the team colours (above post).
I love this SN stamp, it gets plenty of use in this house!

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Sharon said...

Of course you can copy some photos of the house. There are some in my blog in an album down the right hand side.