Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morning crafter's.

Looking at cards and magazines to which cards are popular just now and more is more...more paper..more embellishments etc.. I love this style and do have my attempts at it...However when it comes to making cards for folk for special occasions I am always asked for something more personal, name, age, hobbies etc... Some requests can get quite bizarre but I'm always willing to give it a go. Thankfully today's request was for an 18th for a young guy (obviously) who likes golf. My 1st card is an attempt of the local 18th hole golf course....ok it's not to scale etc...but you get the general idea.

Living in a small village I quite often get asked by different folk for the same person...so we have 3 combinations of golfing cards.
Let's hope Kyle has a super birthday and now enjoys the 19th hole officially!

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Beckie said...

great cards! I used to get that too making for the same person in the village when we lived in Ireland!
Those 'special' cards are always a challenge but great fun!