Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scrapaganza Saturday night games. How many balloons can you hold!
We came second to the Dutch ladies who didn't blow their balloons as high as ours, we now know for next time!

But on that note the final challenge of the evening, after a chocolate eating competition and balloon race, was to make a Gingerbread house using products from the pizza room. By this time it was after midnight and I for one, "boring", was keen to get to bed, ready for classes next morning. With this in mind it was suggested we used the same principal the dutch had used with the balloons, SIZE matters!

As you can see from the picture our house was small but beautifully formed and completed rather quickly, whilst munching on the left over chocolate that Maggie and Evelyn hadn't finished during the chocolate tasting competition. Plus we could divi what wasn't used!!!!

We also had a hidden weapon, our last rolo underneath the house, hoping to sway the judges with our "do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo"!

Our team being: Maggie and I, construction, Pam, roofer, Pam Gardener and of course who could forget Frances, the Executive Director!

We had a good giggle at the thought the other 2 teams were planning a late night and taking the whole construction thing very seriously whilst we ate chocolate, had a laugh and probably produced the smallest gingerbread house in record time.

To our surprise on Sunday having seen the size of the competition we actually came a close second to the middle house, which incidentally the other team spent all night on. Or so we were told!

I think of course this being due to the late addition of the rolo and shear cute-ability factor, I'm sure you agree!

If indeed you can see it?!*

The hotel staff must have loved all us manic crafters staying for the weekend as our group alone left a trail of glitter from our working area right to our rooms, just as Hansel and Gretal had with their Gingerbread house experience.


Unknown said...

Hi Erika-my I am impressed at how up to date your blog is1 Lovely to meet you in Holland. What a bad scrapper I am- I hardly took a photo the whole time i was there1

Maggie said...

LOL - aw bless our wee house was definitely the cutest :D

Had a great weekend and lots of giggles!


Carmen said...

It was nice meeting you! Nice pictures!