Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What no crafting?

Hi folks and yup I have nothing exciting to show you today.  Boo!
The last couple of days have been spent running around getting my boys ready to go back to school.  My youngest jumped on his bike this morning and dashed off to school looking all smart, grown up and tidy....I wonder how long that will last? 
My oldest goes back later today and I'm not looking forwards to it.

As for today...I am finishing off some samples for the trade fair this weekend down in Perth.  I am hoping to make it down there but I have a bit of juggling to do first. 

I have half a dozen classes coming up in September so I need to get my thinking cap on and the ball rolling plus four demonstrations covering Elgin, Aberdeen, Inverness and Oldmeldrum. 
I think September is going to fly by, lets hope those creative juices flow freely!

I'm going to sign off and crack on.  Have a super Tuesday.  x

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