Thursday, May 07, 2015

No crafting in sight.

You know when you are having "one of those weeks" when nothing gets done but you feel as if you are on a hamster wheel and can't get off?
I have had very little crafty production to share, in fact I have half a bunny ear!
Life just gets in the way sometimes.
My eldest is off on study leave and is up in his bedroom.  I wonder how much studying is getting done, but time will tell and I just have to trust him.  I do not want to keep harassing him as I personally think it will have the opposite effect.
I seem to be getting to the bottom of things with other issues (those who read my blog regularly will understand my cryptic message) and I am getting help where needed but it will take time.
Hubby is working long shifts again which means I am Mum and Dad just now, my hands go up to all single parents out there, I only have to step up to the mark on occasions and not all the time.
I saw this sign when looking for funny quotes for my Saturday posts and it made me smile, this is me this week!

I think it is so suitable for my blog too.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Let the story commence.....
Snappy crafts came about because of our military background.
The RAF affectionately call someone in the Navy a "fish head" a term for the RN surface force.
The Navy affectionately call someone in the RAF a Crab, crabfat - (RN) A member of the Royal Air Force. From the light blue colour of the uniform, which is the same as that of the grease (known as ‘crabfat’) used on gun breeches, etc., in the RN. Accounts vary, but apparently the grease was called ‘crabfat’ because it resembled in colour the ointment used to treat sailors for ‘crabs’and of which fat was a major constituent.
Did you know that?!  Pass the bucket!
I started to make ceramics, when we were first married, and a friend recommended that I made a little mark on the bottom of my pieces as well as my initials.
You can now see where this is going, can't you?
Rather than drawing a little fish I decided to draw a little crab and it has just stuck.
At first I wanted to call my crafting Crabby crafts, but my brother, who has run his own business said that was awful, no one would want anything from me and they'd think I was moody, etc...etc...
He then, reluctantly came up with my Snappy crafts logo and I haven't looked back.
Over the years I have been told by friends that I should change it, because it doesn't sound right.
Why should it matter as I am not running a business, it's my hobby and I've grown to love it.
It must have something going for it as someone else is also now using it too, with a hyphen in the middle!

That's my story for today, I'm hoping to get crafting later today but only time will tell.
I think my little one is planning for me to take a gang of them swimming after school.
Enjoy your Thursday folks, back tomorrow with an oldie.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, I think your attitude towards your studying son is spot on, and as you say time will tell.
Great story about you blog name, I like to hear how folk came by there in many cases very unusual names.
It's nearly the weekend, I hope you have something good planned, hugs Kate x

Carol said...

Not a lot of crafting gone on here either Erika! Your bunny is coming on though. I've got a child ensconced in her bedroom too...hopefully doing enough studying! Carol x