Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A little hooking, bunny style!

Good morning all, how are you today?
Bit cloudy here just now but hopefully it will clear later.
Today I thought I'd share my work in progress, unlike card making some other crafts don't happen overnight.  I like to have lots of projects on the go rather than just the one and pick them up and put them down dependant on what mood I am in.  The only exception to the rule is if I am making something for someone, as it will have a definite end date.

My bunny so far.

As I said yesterday, two arms, two legs, a body and a head.  I'm getting there slowly!
I also picked these up at the end of last week.

A little bit of light reading and more projects to get my teeth into.
First today I have the dreaded ironing, dog walking and housework so better crack on, more importantly I have a little boy very reluctant to go to school.  I guess the next half hour may be a bit of a battle!
Enjoy your Tuesday and more from me tomorrow.  x


Lau W said...

Can't wait to see this bunny !!!
Have a nice day, here wiiiiiiiiind !! bouh !!
(i have lost many images from my computer, pffff, and so many photos pfff grrr !).

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Wet here to start the day but seems to be brightening up now, have plenty of cards to be making but can't get in the groove. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and have a few things on the go then at least I will achieve something. Hope your son isn't sickening for something.
Hugs to all

Patricia said...

I thought it was a Bunny when you started, whey! hey! and it is.
Look forward to seeing it Hopping about!!
Patricia xxx

Hazel said...

Eric's. Your bunny is coming along nicely. Oh dear are we back to making ourself unwell so we don't go to school. I think there is more to it. I think you need to get to the bottom of it! Hazel x