Monday, May 04, 2015

Bank holiday Monday and it's not raining. To craft or not to craft? That is the question.

Good morning all and how was your weekend?
It felt very strange to me not being at work especially as it was a dine in weekend.  Very, very strange.  I did have a nice day, chilling with the family.
I managed a 10k bike ride along to the next village and into the woods with the boys.  (It's been some time since I was last on my bike!)
I do feel I should have been given warning of the off road bit, a sports bra would have been more advantageous...if you know what I mean?!  ;)
I did post on my Facebook page when I got back..."She's got legs!"  Or so the song goes, followed by "she might not be able to use them in the morning!"
I thought I would struggle with the ride but it was fine, the after effects on Sunday, not sore legs, which was even better.  I can't say the same for that small area that parks itself on the saddle, why are bike seats so uncomfortable?  I even have a fat bottomed girl gel seat, still uncomfortable, why can't they have nice big cosy seats like a Harley?!  You know exactly which part of the body I am on about don't you?

It's another beautiful day today after a cold and wet day yesterday so I think the plan is for the boys to take me out for another ride later.  Do you think they'd be embarrassed if I took a cushion? LOL.

Yesterday was really cold up here and very wet, in fact at one point there was supposed to be snow!
In May!
It was certainly cold enough.
Hubby and I had a ride out to Inverness to pick up a few bits, no craft shopping but I did manage a wee wander in Marks and one of my favourite housey shops Lakeland Plastics.
Love that shop.  I came home with a couple of Christmas presents (I know mad or what, but I tend to buy when I see something really appropriate for a pal), a few cleaning products (their bathroom cleaner is the best!) and some fancy cake cases.  The excitement of it all!
Once home we had a quiet afternoon I managed a little more crocheting on my rabbit, he now has a couple of legs, I have the ears and tail left to make and then I can put him altogether.

On the evening we had a family film night, as we no longer have Poldark, the viewing looked a bit poor.
A lovely evenings entertainment watching the fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game with some sweet and salty popcorn and a wee drink.  The film if you are not aware was about the small group of professionals whose job it was to crack the German Enigma machine and the consequences.
I can thoroughly recommend the film, Cumberbatch was brilliant as always, as was the rest of the cast.  But what they did after solving it will surprise you.
It was such a great film I could happily sit and watch it again today.
The only comment I want to finally add to this was how I found it incredibly sad that Alan Turing was not acknowledged for his brilliance until very recently, far too late.    The difference he made to the war was so great, yet it appears it was as if it was swept under the carpet so that no one knew what had been going on at the time.  You really must watch the film!

Now after all my waffle this morning, how about something lighter and a bit of crafting?

This is a card I made for last weeks challenge over on The Great Scheme of Things.  The colour combination being, navy, turquoise and lime green.

Another clean and simple card.  To start I sprayed a white piece of card with Tattered angels glimmer mist Lime twist and Turquoise blue then set aside to dry. I then die cut the thanks, butterfly wings and body, all from Papertrey ink. The butterfly was then stamped with Memento Navy ink using the matching stamp set "Beautiful butterflies layers stamps" also from Papertrey ink. I then added a die cut of stick it over the butterfly before covering in Stickles fine dry glitter Diamond before gluing to the body. The card was then glued together matting on Navy cardstock, the thanks glued directly to the white card and the butterfly added with 3d foam to the back of the body. Finally I added a couple of diamantes in turquoise and lime green to finish.

I can't believe I haven't used my glimmer mist more often on cards, preferring to keep it for journalling and altered art bits and bobs.  I think I might have to change that!

Having wittered on far too much this morning I am going to sign off now.  As for today, maybe a little card making and crocheting could be squeezed in between ironing and a bike ride.  If the weather stays good all day maybe even a BBQ later?
Enjoy your Bank holiday, it only remains for me to say "May the 4th be with you!"

Sorry, couldn't resist that one, happy crafting.  x


Hazel said...

Better you than me doing that bike ride, not only the sore bits but the roads round here are far from as busy as some roads are but!!., because they aren't as busy there are some mad drivers out there and don't look at what's going on round them or in front of them !!.,
Love you card, I love the clean and simple look. Hazel x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, I love your gorgeous card, butterfly and colours are beautiful and your CAS design too.
Well done on your bike ride, could'nt do it if you paid me a million bucks, hugs Kate x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

...and may the force be with you too then perhaps you could hover over the saddle to make your bike ride more pleasant, lol.
A lovely blog post today, I loved reading the chatty bits and a beautiful CAS card too. All too often we keep supplies for specific tasks when in fact they cross-over in to many hobbies and we find new and interesting uses for them. You have created a fabulous background piece to display the gorgeous butterfly on with your spray mists. Hope you enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday.

Patricia said...

Absolutely brilliant card, love everything about it.
Good for you on that bike. I sold my bike recently I would rather walk.
Patricia xxx

Carol said...

Ouch..I can feel your little bit of pain Erika, you'd think someone would have come up with a comfy seat by now. Love your card...gorgeous colours and great spraying. Hope you've enjoyed your day. Carol x

Wrightboysmum said...

The answer is always "craft" lol
I'm totally with you on uncomfortable bike seats. Well Done😊

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
oh your poor rear end.
In my younger days I used to go to the gym with a friend, and I well remember her remarking about the exercise bike saddles, as spoiling her marriage prospects.
Sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend though.
I really like the sound of the shopping, and Inverness is a wonderful shopping area.
We holidayed there about 8 years ago, and I did love the place.
We would have moved to Scotland if it hadn't been so far for our children to visit.
Last holiday that we took my Dad on as I remember, as we always took Mum and Dad with us, but sadly my Mum had passed away a few years before that one.
So you have brought back very happy memories today.
Sorry I have gone off on one of my verbal wanderings.
Love your fab card, and the beautiful butterfly.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Di said...

Hi Erika!

I stumbled across this post on your blog just now and found what you said about Alan Turing so true. Such a tragedy and what a mind he had! When I was working I was fortunate enough to actually have a hands on play with an Enigma machine, one of very few still in existence. If you ever get the opportunity I can also recommend a visit to Bletchley Park - if you're ever far enough South. It's a bit like walking into a time warp! I went to a few meetings there and felt so privileged - needless to say my job was IT security in case you're wondering how I got to do these things!! A fascinating subject and I feel very lucky that my career path went in that direction.

Di xx