Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May your guardian angel watch over you.

Hello how are you this Wednesday, it's the middle of the week already, how did that happen?
Earlier in the week we had a move around in my dining room and I decided to change a few bits and bobs around.  One of the items I have been meaning to update lately is my corn dolly.  My pal Irene bought wings for her ages ago and I had since bought matching wire for the halo and a wee plaque.  It is just one of those jobs that wouldn't take long but I've never got around to.

I'm really happy with the changes and hopefully she will continue to bring this house good luck.
What do you think?
As for what the plaque says...

I like to think that we all have a special someone watching over us and keeping us safe, don't you?

Now where did my straw go, I'm in the mood for some straw work.
Irene thank you so much for the wings, they look fab.

Another day in work for me today, then more of the same, jobs about the house and maybe a little crocheting. if I am lucky.
Enjoy your Wednesday folks and happy crafting!


cuilliesocks said...

This is just so sweet, pleased you got her finished, hugs Kate x

Carol said...

Love this Erika your update really transforms it...and yes I believe we all have a guardian angel. Carol x

karenlotty said...

She's lovely. I was a little unsure of angels but you're right. I'm changing my mind. I would love to think that we all have a guardian angel watching over us.

Lau W said...

Yes we have an guardian angel, sure ;-)
This is beautiful !!