Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Time to play with my new crochet project.

Good afternoon all, well today's plans didn't work out.  We were supposed to be heading to Edinburgh for some family fun time but I seemed to be the only one who really wanted to go!
Why waste good money?!
As the weather has been so good over the weekend the boys have been dooking everyday in the harbour then they've enjoyed a football match with the other kids in the village.  It's amazing the difference a week makes, last week we had snow, this week glorious sunshine.  You can't say we don't get variety!  I prefer this weeks weather, it almost feels like spring!

Today I thought I'd share a little more of my on going crochet project.  It seems to be taking time but it is the first animal I've really made, except for a simple owl last year.

I have a body, a head and an arm.  Can you tell what it is yet?

I hope you had a super Easter, I didn't get an egg either but I have two boys who love to share and plenty of little bags, bought to bake with, which might not make it to that point!
I'm back to work on Saturday so I still have a few days left to relax and enjoy.

Have a super Tuesday, whatever you are up to. 


Diane said...

Hi Erika, the weather sure sounds lovely. Can't wait to see your fun crochet project when it is completed.

Hugs diane

Patricia said...

Good sunny afternoon, great weather down here as well.
You have me stumped as too what animal it is .... Could it be a Rabbit?? No! The body is too big .. oh! Well I will just have to wait and see.
Patricia xxx

Carol said...

Lovely weather here too :) Well Erika you've got me stumped too, look forward to a big reveal! Carol x

Lau W said...

A animal, yes, no ? i think...
Can't wait to see your creation !
Have a sunny day !