Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fun in the sun!

Oh me, oh my, what a glorious day it has been.  I hope you've had the sunshine too?
No crafting for me today, lots of wash, wash, washing, which can only mean one thing....another huge ironing pile!
I don't mind the washing it's the latter that should be banned.  LOL.

No crafting yet today, I've also been out gardening, doing a little light deadheading and cutting back ready for the new years growth.  Then this afternoon we've been down to the harbour at high tide for the boys to go dooking.  It was a little chillier down the front with the breeze, but still beautiful.
I took these from the harbour looking back on the beach.

High tide time but still just a little beach to show.  The sea looks a little choppy but it really is nice to see the good weather returning.
I was watching a flock of seagulls far out to sea in a large group circling, there was definitely something else out there feeding.  It is just a shame I couldn't see what it was, bet it was dolphins feeding.  They have been about lately with the lovely weather, it's high tide and it's lovely, usually the two requirements to see them.  It's a shame the sea is just a little choppy or I would have had a better view.

No crafting as yet today but hopefully later this evening I might get a bit more done on my present project.  I better go and find something for tea now, two very hungry kids after jumping in the sea all afternoon.


Diane said...

Greetings Erika, what lovely pictures. Oh how nice to have a sunny day. Still cloudy and rainy in the Pacific Northwest.

Hugs diane

Carol said...

It looks lovely Erika but it's a tad chilly still to go dipping!! We had a gorgeous day too. Enjoy your evening. Carol x

Jo said...

Gorgeous pics Erika, looks like a lovely place to live. Spent some time in the garden here too and as for're right, it should be banned lol.
hugs Jo x

Patricia said...

Wow! oh! Wow! those pictures are so beautiful. However I fear the chill in that water ... brrr!!!
The sun is up, the sky is blue.
Hope it is the same for you
Makes such a difference, everyone seems to smile more when the sun is shining. Yes we do more washing and create more of the other ... but is is all worth it.
Patricia xxx

Lau W said...

So beautiful photos !!
Sunshine is here too, yeahhh ! Gardening for me too !!! A super day !

Hazel said...

Erika, thank you for those photos making me jealous, I so miss the sea view I had from my old house, which looked over the sea. Every day was a new picture? Hazel x