Thursday, April 02, 2015

Now for a little hand sewing, a change is as good as a rest!

Good morning all, how are you this Thursday?
It is a beautiful sunny day if not a little on the chilly side.
Can you guess what I decided to do yesterday?
I wimped out going to the auctions and stayed in the warm to craft.  I had a really enjoyable afternoon but why do we always feel guilty when there are so many other things we should be doing?
I've had a really lazy week so far, so I really need to get my "bum"in gear and crack on with some spring cleaning.  It really isn't my favourite thing to do, but I do love it when it is done and dusted, so to speak.

Yesterday I got my new wool felt out, my new die set from Papertrey ink "Sewing staples" and decided to have a play.
This is what I made.

The first picture is the front of the scissor case and the second is the back with the scissors in.  All bits are hand sewn.  I really enjoyed making it, I am drawn to fiddly things and all those wee dies were fun to cut out, no problems at all with the wool felt.
It was quite time consuming to make, making more might be for special people only!
LOL.  Or whenever the mood takes me.
When I showed my boys they said "Very pretty but why cover your scissors, Mum?
To which my reply could only be, "Because I can!"
They just don't understand why us crafty folk are drawn to make "nice" things just because we can!

Now to plan the rest of my day, a nice walk in the sunshine with the dog and maybe a little ironing to start with.  Then will it be spring cleaning or crafting that wins?!
I know what I would put my money on if I was a betting person.
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.  x


Carol said...

Fabulous result Erika, this is so pretty. Non crafters don't understand us at all do they! Carol x

Shazza said...

It looks fantastic Erika, glad you had a lovely lazy week so far. Work has been busy and crazy today but am now off for 4 days and have a wee trip to Mrs Brown's Boys Saturday. Happy Easter x

Hazel said...

Erika, what a brilliant gift, good scissors should be treated to one of these gorgeous cases, that way they are protected. My dress making scissors are only allowed to be used by myself. Husband would cut alsorts with them if he got his hands on them. Hope you got the ironing done plus some crafting. Hazel x

Patricia said...

Wow! Erika, what a super make. I love what you have done, the colours are really pretty.
Have a fantastic weekend
Patricia xxx