Thursday, April 16, 2015

AWOL from crafting but that doesn't stop a fine collector of crafty stash!

Good morning and how the devil are you this morning?
Did you miss me, LOL.
I've just come home from a lovely walk along the beach, not another soul on it, except my four legged friend.  The sun is out, the sky is blue, there are plenty of clouds, well it is Scotland, you can't have everything!
Just as I walked along past Daisy rock, to top my morning off something out at sea caught my eye.
Yes, I had my very own dolphin display team.  #lovewhereyoulive.
They were so close to the shore, fabulous, I never tire of seeing them, truly magical.
I think they should be described on the the National health for uplifting your mood, today is going to be a good, productive day.  (You heard it hear first!)

Where have I been?!
I had another busy and productive day at work on Saturday but Sunday, oh no I was super lazy.  My husband's pal had recommended a TV series to me on iplayer, that he thought I'd enjoy.  I thought well it wouldn't harm to watch an episode whilst everyone else was still in bed?  Would it!
It was addictive, with the bare minimum of mummy jobs done I watched the whole first series, a bit dark and scary in places but I did enjoy it, and the program "Penny Dreadful."
Then Sunday evening would not be the same without a visit to Cornwall for the delights of the wonderful Poldark! ;)
Monday and Tuesday I was in work and we had music lessons and a school visit, so they passed so quickly.  I did sit down late evening and think oh my gosh I haven't blogged!
That feeling soon passed with the thought I'm sure no one will miss me for a couple of days.
Yesterday I had a long awaited trip to the hairdressers, how quick does the day go with that trip and a few jobs under your belt, followed by tea out and then band drumming practise.
When my husband is working longer shifts, the week goes so fast, as I am picking up everything, he quite often takes the dog or the kids to various activities.  It does make a big difference to how much free time is available.
Today is going to be different as I am starting off crafting, I have a couple of cards to make and then it's on with the housework before back to maybe have a play with these beauties.....

Confessions of a crafter;
I appear to have a little bit of a Papertrey ink addiction at the moment!
I might not be getting much crafting in but I am certainly finding a wee bit of time to add to my very fine collection of crafting products.  I can't wait to have a play later, how quick can I do the housework?!

It's oldie time again tomorrow, how did that happen, I'd love it if you'd join me.   x


Jo said...

Morning Erika......sounds like you live in a lovely place & to see the dolphins on your walk is definitely magical. One of my Sons works in the rescue & rehabilitation of sea life & every time they release something back into their natural environment he sheds a tear....and then so do I when he tells me all about it lol. Looks like a fine bit of stash you have there....I say skip the housework & have a play. Enjoy your day!
hugs Jo x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

I second what Jo said, a little extra crafting time won't hurt :)
Sounds like you had a lovely refreshing and invigorating walk this morning, such a shame to let your uplifted and enthusiastic mood go to waste on housework. Those stamps and dies are just screaming to be used... go on... you know you want to...

Lau W said...

Oh you see dolphins ? wow !
And wow, so lovely dies you have !!!
Happy crafting ! ;-)

Hazel said...

Erika. Go on make me so jealous! I so miss watch the Dolphins playing just off the coast from our old house at Easthaven, you are so right they can turn a not so good day into a wonderful one just watching them. Nice crafty stash oh and it needs playing with. So you will be forgiven for taking time out to do some crafting? Hazel,x

Patricia said...

Oooo!!! lucky you seeing Dolphins. I love watching them, we have seen them lots when we lived in Turkey but never seen them here ... yet!!. Might have to take trip up your way sometime soon.
Love the look of those Dies and Stamps.
Patricia x