Monday, March 02, 2015

A crafty weekend away!

Good afternoon all, how are you today?
Lovely bright blue skies and sunshine here today but it is cold outside, my morning walk fairly blew away the cobwebs!

How was your weekend?
I had a sneaky weekend away with my hubby and boys, can you guess where?

Hubby and I got married in this city 19 years ago this weekend just gone, in a very special castle!
We didn't visit the castle this time as we have visited on numerous occasions, this time we went to find this wee chap as my youngest boy had been learning about him at school.
I also popped my engagement ring, which I broke at work before Christmas, into the jewellers who made it, to be repaired.
We stayed at the Marriott hotel near the Gyle centre, close to where I used to work at Turnhouse, which has now all been demolished, very sad.  The hotel was very smart and the boys loved the fact there was a pool, mum and dad loved the jacuzzi and steam room!
We got the tram into the centre on Saturday and had a wander, watching the street displays and checking out all that was going on.
We didn't plan anything specific as everything we suggested to do, the boys weren't interested, I think next time we will have to go without them!
Still we had a good couple of days.  I loved the tram system, so worth the wait and very well done.
The only thing I found a little disturbing was all the beggars.  I lived near this city for 8 years about 20 years ago and I can't remember seeing any beggars.  The streets were littered with folk asking for change in all manor of dress, it was bitter cold too.
My boys would have bought each and everyone a cup of tea if we'd had the time and money.  Very sad.
The boys had a couple of disagreements over the weekend, as kids do, grrr, it was nice to bring it home to them how lucky they are!
Sunday we popped to the Gyle for a wander before heading back up the road in the wind, rain and snow!

On Friday I actually started to tidy my craft room.
I have thrown out about 4 bin bags of rubbish and there is still far to much stuff in the room.
On the upside I now have a desk back and a floor!
You know what that means?
I can walk in my craft room and actually craft!
Hubby asked if I was nesting!  LOL.
A tidier craft room was that much of a shock to him.
I also had a bespoke 50th birthday card to make on Friday, it had to have a cat theme.

It is not the best of light to see the card but the cat and background are navy.

I am working the rest of the week except Friday and Sunday so I better make a move.  Food shopping done this morning so at least we can eat.  Now to crack on with the rest of the housework, washing and ironing, then hopefully I might get a little craft time later.
Enjoy the rest of your day.  x


Shazza said...

sounds like a good weekend. I need to try out one of those trams!! Hope the craft room is still tidy :-P

Lau W said...

Oh ! cat theme ! Loooove this card !!!
Such a week-end you had !!!

Kirsti said...

I love Edinburgh... My favourite place...biased though since I was born there. can never please them can you?


Hazel said...

Another stunning card, oh Karen will have loved it I bet. So glad you had a good weekend even if the boys had wee dis agreement. Yes your right about beggars we noticed when we're in Dundee the evening there was a good few round the area near the hotel we were at. Not good. Hazel x

Patricia said...

Glad you had a good weekend.
Love your beautiful card, very elegant

Patricia xxx

Carol said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend Erika, it's a while since I was last in the city centre even though we're only half an hour away!
Love the simplicity of your card. Hope you managed some crafty time. Carol x