Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday crafty quotes, which one applies to you?

Good morning all, whilst I am busy at work I thought I'd share a couple of crafting quotes I have found on line again this week.
I'm going to start with good old stamping.  This made me smile.

My answer would always be to stamp, whether it be the rubber variety or the feet!
Once you've decided to stamp you need to then bare this in mind.

Oh confessions of a stamper!
How many times have you turned over and started again?!

Finally this is for all the material girls out there.

As if a crafty girl ever needed a reason for buying more fabric, my favourite one is the final one.  It says it all in my eyes. 
What is wrong with liking pretty things?  LOL.  
I don't really do handbags or shoes, give me paper, ribbon, yarn and material instead, thank you!

I've not had the best week at work this week but lets hope today is better, I'm guessing it won't be.
On the upside my nice new stash from the states arrived yesterday so I think I might play with it at the crop on Sunday, because I can!  Can't wait.
Enjoy your weekend everyone and I will catch you again, same time, same place next week.


Jo said...

Oh Erika, they're fab quotes........and all apply to me lol. Enjoy your new stash!
hugs Jo x

Carol said...

Definitely the first two Erika although I wasn't always a stamper and sometimes I need more than two sides!
We have another gorgeous sunny day here...hope you do too. Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Well certainly the first two, but change the third one to yarn and I'm right there.
I hope you have a restful weekend and that next week at work goes better for you, hugs Kate x

Juls said...

These are brilliant xx