Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Baking with little helpers!

Good evening all, and how are you this evening?
It's a busy night here as I've mentioned before it's double drumming lessons, luckily for me M and S are running another great deal this week, 2 pies, 2 sides and a free bottle of wine or box of chocolates for £10.  The main meals are all from the gastro range, nomn, nomn.
As you may guess I've had a little help with tea!

Today I've got another baking session to share with you.  I made these with my young man and the reason?  When shopping on Monday I was looking for a wee treat for the school lunch box, everything is laden with sugar or sweeteners, not to mention all the things with names you've never  heard of before.  It can't be good right?
Now don't get me wrong these aren't healthy but at least I know how much sugar and fat are in them.

Who doesn't like a rice crispy cake?  I use dark chocolate for mine, as it is healthier but they are a little sticky and shiny with a wee dollop of butter and golden syrup, not forgetting a few marshmallows on top.  Rather than putting them in cases as normal I opted for a slap and then cut them up after allowing to chill.  Little hands have so much fun making these and especially licking the bowl out!
Needless to say I came home from work this afternoon and thought I'd just have one with a cup of tea before the school run.  An empty box was on the work top.  I don't think anything homemade lasts more than a couple of days in this house!  (Unless it has sneaky vegetables in it!)

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the coming evening, I seem to be getting a square a night done on my crocheting by the time I have the boys sorted and the evenings jobs dusted.
What are you up to?
Catch you again tomorrow afternoon.  x


Patricia said...

Mmmmm!! they look rather yummy.
Was going say post a few down to me ...... if theres none left that's a right bummer!!

Patricia xxx

Carol said...

These wouldn't last five minutes in our house! Hubby bought a blender thing the other day and is on a healthy shakes kick...we had spinach for breakfast yesterday mixed with banana and was delicious! Carol x

Hazel said...

Great idea with the mini mashmallows, will get Beth to give these ago, she loves making Krispy cakes. Hazel x

cuilliesocks said...

Your little crispie squares look yummy, I could just go one right now. Must pop in to M&S and see this deal, have a good evening, I'm going to be knitting after my blog tour around, hugs Kate x

Lau W said...

hmmmmmmm !oh seems so yummy !!!!