Monday, March 09, 2015

What a weekend, there's only one thing for it.....let them eat cake!

Good morning all and how the devil are you this Monday morning?
It's a little dreich outside today, lets look and the bright side and hope it clears later in the day.
What a weekend this end!

I was on earlies at work Saturday so although I had an early start I was finished by lunch time.  My hubby woke me in the early hours Saturday morning to let me know his dicky ticker was playing up, which was received well when I get up at 5 anyway!
He didn't want to go back to A and E, quite frankly we've had too many visits there in the last couple of weeks, just to be told to go home and take it easy.  He'd leave it 24 hours to see whether is settled down, so whilst he had a quiet morning with the boys I went to work.

It was hubby's birthday yesterday and I got up with plans of baking a cake and starting a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.  That soon changed, after a discussion with one of his workmates and NHS24, mid morning we were driving to A and E for a check up.
He had a full birthday check up and was eventually given the all clear even though his heart is still not beating correctly, the advice being taking it easy, no excitement, no caffeine and no alcohol and see his own doctor today.  Scary!
He seems OK in himself just a little tired and has gone to work.
This has happened a couple of times over the last year, he has had check ups each time but nothing can be found that seems to trigger it.  Still at least he has had it checked out.

The eldest boy is doing well and had bounced back to full form very quickly, he is now just very disappointed he is signed off any sport for three weeks.

All in all an eventful weekend, I'm sure you'll agree?
So did I get the cake and roast done?
Yes I did but we had to settle for tea time and not dinner.
My hubby wanted a Victoria sponge cake but there lied a problem, having had a clear out when decorating the kitchen, as I no longer bake ordinary large cakes, preferring to bake muffins, I got rid of my tatty old cake tins.  I therefore had to do one large cake and split it.
I also don't like the sweetness of a Victoria sponge as well as butter icing so I used my muffin recipe instead.  A bit of an experiment!
It turned out to be a lovely light sponge but a tad crumbly to decorate, hence the appearance.  It was also done in record time and I was naughty and iced the top too.  Mary Berry would have given me grief for not leaving it long enough to cool before cutting it and she would be correct, but hay ho it tasted good and that's the main thing.
The photo was also taken with my mobile so I'm sorry it isn't the best quality.

I decorated it with little rice paper dinosaurs, for my old dinosaur!
I like to rib him about getting old!
I also had to open my last jar of homemade jam, shock, oh my, bring on the summer, more jam required!

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best this Monday, I am in work the rest of the week except Friday and Sunday.  I hopefully will get some crafty time in but first I have a serious mountain of ironing to get through and all the housework, better crack on.
Catch you later in the day tomorrow, have a good one.  x


Hazel said...

Eric's. Scary or what, I think you need to bepreak a match and break the spell??? It's worrying when it's heart that's not working as it should? But at least he's been checked out. Maybe a day or two off work doing nothing might help? Great cake looks yummy. Glad big one is ok too. Hazel x

Lau W said...

Happy birthday to hubby !!!!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, gosh what a concern for you and hubby, but maybe he just needs a bit of a rest, hope there is nothing serious.
Yummy looking cake, I hope he had a lovely birthday, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Oh! My! Word! Erika, scary or what??
Well that was a weekend that you will not want in a hurry again.
Cake looks good, is there any left for a visitor??

Patricia xxx

Carol said...

Not quite the weekend you were hoping for then!! Hope things settle down quickly for hubby, always a worry when you don't know the cause. The cake looks fab though and I bet it tasted good. Carol x

Kirsti said...

Oh me Erika...I hope that's the last time you have to visit A& least this year! Cake looks yummy. Hope he enjoyed his birthday despite the hospital visit. Xx