Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The perfect Island for an Adventure.

Morning another dreich day here in Scotland and not a nice walk along the beach this morning but back in the warm, dried off and a cup of tea in hand....ready to start the day.

Today I thought I'd bore you with some more holiday pictures, this time from Universals Island of Adventures.  We all loved the Universal parks, right up my two boys street, lots of thrills and spills (getting wet!)
On the way to Universal you pass through their village of restaurants and shops one of which really made us giggle.
As a family we love the film Forrest Gump and are always using phrases from the film, there are so many beauties.....Life is like a box of chocolates, Run Forrest run, My Mama said I was special etc.... I could go on for hours.  Unfortunately we couldn't get in the restaurant as it was booked but I did manage a couple of items from the shop.
Plus the bench complete with case, running shoes and chocolates was outside the building, a great photo opportunity!

So to Land of Adventures and our first stop as it is new this year was The Wizarding world of Harry Potter, this was really busy but with our fast passes we didn't wait too long.  The rides were excellent although I did have to cringe just a little as we flew past the cave of spiders....not keen on extremely large spiders!

The shops were just like in the film, wands, owls, magic books.  My youngest came away with a wand, as did most children!
A great place, you really felt like you were in the film, apart from all the other tourists too!

Moving on and we had a giggle at the next ride......

As we entered this ride there was a problem with it and we had to our seats till it was sorted.  I thought it was all part of the ride initially and was getting just a little spooked in the dark surrounded by very large dinosaurs.  The boys loved it!  
The thing is, you know going on the rides that you will be safe and that nothing nasty is going to happen BUT you do really get into the action and it does seem just a little real in parts!
Anyway we made it out alive if not just a little wet, actually completely soaked if I am honest!
This next photo shows the end of the can see why you get two are also in the wet zone having got off the ride....well once you are already wet on a hot may as well get wetter?!

Yes that is the pair of them sat on the wall enjoying the ride all over again!  And again!  And again!

Even the play area at Jurassic park was great fun too.

Lots of rides, lots of getting wet and great food made for a great day out.  I have to say the only thing I didn't like was the Hulk roller coaster.  It was very, very fast, you got thrown all over the place and I personally felt like my brain was trying to leave my know the feeling where you feel like it is rattling around?
That was me.  
The kids however, whooped at every loop, twist and turn and went on it again and again!
Maybe it's an age thing?  LOL.
I can totally recommend Island of Adventures especially if you have older children, great fun was had by all.

More from me tomorrow.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, this was one awsome holiday for you all, thanks for sharing your photos.
Murky day here, drizzle and dark, day of indoors and crafting, hugs Kate x

Liz Miller said...

Sounds as though you had great fun Erika and really a trip of a life time. Made me giddy just reading the post. From seeing the photos in your holiday posts you've got some fantastic material for scrap booking and making a great keepsake for the boys. Murky weather here too.
Liz xxx

Lau W said...

So fun trip !!!! xxx

scrappymo! said...

Took the kids twice and once overto Disney World. It is pretty amazing.

I loved the imagination he had to think of building all those things!

Glad you had a lovely holiday!

Shazza said...

I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks amazing, maybe one day x

Kat said...

It all looks amazing Erika. My kids are all grown up but I'm pretty sure they would love Disneyland.

I've just seen your cushions and they look gorgeous. Just right for those beautiful chairs. I've been making another blanket for Malawi. I make them 6 squares by 6 and then a few rows right round to finish off this time I used about 14 colours left over from other blankets. My brain doesn't really do random but I did my best and every square is different. I only started last week and got a bit obsessed with making it. Ill blog it when it's finished.

Kat xx