Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Golf a good walk ruining or is it?

Afternoon, it is a glorious sunny day here, the washing is out, the dog is walked and the jobs I intended to do are done.  Now I can't decide to garden or make some cards?  It's a tough decision.  It doesn't mean there aren't things that need doing but I refuse to spend all of a good day inside.

Are you bored of the holiday snaps yet?
For those who didn't get the films yesterday the first was from Alice in Wonderland and the second was Big Ben from Peter Pan.  Classic Disney films.

Today pull up a chair and get a fine cuppa 'cause it's story time!
Are you ready?

A long time ago in a land not far away a jolly fine chap decided to take a not very princessy girl on a holiday of a lifetime.  OK not totally spot on but it sounds far more interesting than, when my husband and I first met 20 years ago he took me away to Florida for a fortnight and we had a good holiday, except for the tornado the second week.....but that isn't the part of the story I'm sharing today.  Back on track........
You see in Orlando there are so many other things to do as well as all the theme parks and on one particular day he decided to take me to a crazy golf course called Pirates Cove.  All the way round the course he basically whooped my ****.  Beating me every step of the way....that is until the last hole of the day.
Now there was a challenge at this last hole...whoever got a hole in one got a pirate token which enabled the owner a free round of golf at your next visit.
Guess who got a hole in one at the last hole.....when it really counted?!
Yep me....and I kept the token and in true crafty style I scrap booked it.  I was proud of my last minute reprieve and it gave me something to remind him about!

Why am I telling you this....well, we thought we'd take the kids to the same crazy golf place and share the love with them too.

It was still there!
Upon arrival we told the staff and they said if I'd brought the token they would have honoured it.  
It's worth more to me to keep it!  LOL.
Still we had a great morning wandering around the course....mind you there was a bit of cheating going on!

And a few lost balls in the water!

But all in all we had a great morning doing something a little different and it wasn't busy like the parks.

In the end there had to be one "evil" winner.........with a wee pirate bag for the kids and an ice-cream to round it off, a good morning was had by all.

We all got a hole in one at one part of the course or another but not one of us managed it on the last hole, boo!
Such a shame not to carry on with the tradition but it wasn't meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed today's story?!*

I have now finished my crochet project, I just need to sew it all together and then I can share.  
Enjoy your Wednesday and I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine too?  x


Patricia said...

Good afternoon Erika, no sun here. We went to Perth this morning and could hardly see a hand in front of us......!!!
Love your pictures, you certainly have enjoyed your holiday and of course it has past memories as well.
Looking forward to seeing your latest project
Enjoy the rest of your day

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, great story and a wonderful memory, more great photos too, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Great story Erika. And you are so right there is more to do than parks, our three used loved when we lived down the very south of Germany and they came home at the holidays from school( cruel parents sent them to boarding school) any way when they were home we used to take them to place away from the holiday makers and had great days out plus we ran an adventure training place ( army run ) so there was always loads to do, I wish I had known how to scrapbook then! As photos taken got lost in our travels. Your holiday will have life long memories for your boys, ours often talk about things they did years ago. Hazel xx

Cass said...

Yay...I got the Disney movies correct (just as well being a die hard fan) The crazy golf looks fab.Much better than what we have here.Fantastic that they were going to honour the token too! xx