Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did you guess correctly? But it wasn't my favourite place!

Hi folks, and yes, some of you guessed correctly.  The family and I went to Orlando in Florida to see "the mouse" although I have to admit it wasn't my favourite place we visited.  What I hear you gasp?!
I know how bad is that?
But there are so many other places out there to visit, with not a mouse in sight!

Today I thought I'd share a few pictures, with many thanks to the photographer at Discovery Cove for them. I must mention that these are for my own personal use and can not be copied, thank you.

Discovery Cove was an all inclusive day out, everything was provided.  A buffet breakfast up on arrival, photo's taken, snacks, drinks, lunch, sun cream , wet suits, snorkel and mask plus towels, shampoo etc...

It was a huge site and the day we were there it wasn't very busy at all. We grabbed beds by the Coral Reef and Ray Lagoon, a pool where you could snorkel with the fish and rays.  It was fabulous, although having not snorkelled before it took a little getting used to at first.
I was soon keeping up with the boys, who use them all the time in the sea here.

My favourite time of the day was heading to Dolphin Lagoon around lunch time to spend a little time with dolphins....yes I know....how magical is that?

Our dolphin was called Latoya and we were warned she was a bit of a diva!  She kept disappearing to play with the other dolphins but the trainers work with that and still give you the same experience with the animal even if you have to wait a little longer for the fun to start.  We got there in the end!
I got a kiss too!  (My youngest wasn't keen but give him his due he did it, but refused to take the picture to school!)
This was the best bit though.......

....my swim with Latoya.

Another thing ticked of my bucket list!

It was a super experience and Latoya was a star performer, she seemed to be enjoying the fun just as much as we were.
This was followed by a super buffet style lunch, I had a Chinese meal followed by red velvet cake!  Well, I was on my holidays.  Yum, yum!
The afternoon was then spent swimming in the tropical river, feeding the birds at the aviary and in the resort pool (complete with bar seats in the water!  Very bizarre!) before more snorkelling at the coral reef to finish.
All in all, a fabulous day out and well worth the ticket.  A lovely relaxing and chilled out day in amongst the dashing and queuing at the theme parks.


Hazel said...

I am a bit with you on that there are other great places out there to visit, but your boys will remember it all for years to come, a few scrapbook pages I can see. The girls I look after can't wait for another couple of years when mummy and daddy want to take them on a safari holiday. The lady that the travel bags were for co owns a place in South Africa with her partner, where you ride on horse back out to see everything so Beth has to be 12, she has just her 9th birthday so that's a 3 year wait, but as mummy says it will give them time to save. Your photos are great I bet swimming with those dolphins was fab, loved when I could see them I swimming from my old house living room windows. You are not the only having to put on the climbing gear to attack ironing piles, none done at work since 10 days ago and I think they changed at least twice a day with the amount there is, so I will think of you when I am beavering away at this pile. Hazel xx

Lau W said...

OMG !!! this is fabulous ! Thanks for sharing with us this fantastic moment !
Big hugs !xxx

Juls said...

Fabby photo's ... TFS, the dolphins look just beautiful! Hugs Juls

Patricia said...

Wow, oh! Wow! Love, love, love those pictures.
So this is what I have to look forward to later this year.
The whole family are going ..... our share being a gift for a special Anniversary from John.& Audrey. Hubby was not that keen to begin with. When he realised how many other wonderful things there were to visit he soon changed his mind.
Your boys will treasure the memories.

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

WOW!Oh Erika, how fantastic, I'm so envious, it's on my bucket list too.
The dolphin looks as if she is having a marvellous time too, they do look as if they are smiling don't they.

Definately a holiday of a lifetime, hugs Kate x

Cass said...

Wow Erika...that looks fantastic.I think I'd prefer that to Disney too xx

Shazza said...

wow these pics are amazing, wish I could go x