Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A little more hooking for you, and a bit of a yarn!

Hello there and how are you today?
We have the haar in today which isn't great, but usually burns off later in the day for a glorious afternoon.....here's hoping!
Yesterday, after my jobs were finished I got engrossed in finishing my project from Sunday's crop. Whilst fresh in my mind I decided to crack on rather than blog update.  Whoops, sorry.
Did you have a good Monday?
It was wonderful here, the hottest place in the country....that doesn't happen often.
Lots of washing done and dusted but you know what that means!

Today I have had other plans and have just got back from litter picking at Lossiemouth beach with M and S and the local school children.  I was surprised how clean the beach was to start with but we still found plenty of polystyrene and plastics with a few other weird and wonderful items.  A good job jobbed.

On Sunday we had our regular gathering and this is what I was finishing.

Yaah, I've finally finished my cushions.  They go just fine with my new chairs don't you think?
Another project done and dusted....I think I might need a sit down.  It is not like me to finish things for myself...happy, happy, happy!
Now what to make?

I thought I'd share this picture of us having fun on Sunday.  Sorry Helen, my partner in crime in the photo.
We always have a giggle at the crop, this time my cushion inserts reminded me of a film......can you guess which one?  
I thought it was real obvious but maybe not.....I'm happy in my world!  LOL.

Anyway that's all from me today, have a super Tuesday.  Happy crafting!


marion said...

LOL, such a funny pic, your cushions are fabulous, love them and yes, I also think they fit so well to the chair, hugs, Marion

Lau W said...

Haha ! so funny post, nice shot !!!
Your creations are fabulous, perfect with your chair, congras for this super work my dear Erika !

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, yep we have harr too, but it's not burnt off, not going to now, and its a bit cold.
Love your cushion covers, the are gorgeous, beautiful crotchet pattern.
I've started knitting a cover, it should be cable, but I just couldn't get the hang of it, but I'll keep trying, hugs Kate x

scrappymo! said...

Great job on the cushions...they look fab on your new chair!