Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hook, yarn and link here! A wee crafting interlude.....don't mind if I do.

Afternoon all and today I am back with a little crafting.
What I hear you cry?
I know, how unusual is that just now.  Very!

Remember I mentioned my crochet project?
I've been making some flower bunting to replace my hearts from earlier in the year.  I guess something a little more Spring/Summery was required.  Now I've had a really good play with these flowers and lots of different combinations.....remember this picture?

Well I changed my mind again!

It is a woman's prerogative, so I am told, being able to change her mind at a I did.

The photo could be better but I just wanted to get it up on my mirror.  

As for the colours.....don't you know it's my favourite?  
It is also the accent colour in the room even though you can't see any of it in this photo.  I just didn't want to get myself in the mirror.  Trust me when I say I have a big shaggy rug exactly this colour in front of the mirror, the same tones and shades.  
I'm happy with the results.........I wonder if anyone else in the house notices I've removed the hearts and put up they don't.  Living in a house of males!

Before I leave you today I just wanted to share this with you.  Remember Dirty Dancing girls?

More from me tomorrow.  x


Hazel said...

Eriika love new bunting also the colour. Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Wow! Erika that's fantastic, love the colours.
Men!! they never notice anything do they??

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, what beautiful crochet flowers, they make lovely bunting, love the colours too, hugs Kate x

PharmacyMichele said...

The crochet flowers look great-wish I could create something that lovely.


Lau W said...

Oh nice, blue and greean your favorite combo ;-)
Wonderful flowers !
Have a super week-end !

Cass said...

Love the flower banner.Tis gorgeous xx