Sunday, May 06, 2012

Calling out an SOS!

Hi back a wee bit late today with Karen over on the Sugar Nellie blog for SOS time....Share on Sunday.

I've had an overdue appointment with my ironing mountain which is why I am late today but feeling good now as all done and dusted, just got to put away now.  I hate that job, is it just me?  It's a bit like putting away the shopping having trailed around the supermarket.

Anyway the gauntlet has been laid by Karen, who if you look on the SN blog, has a great wee charm that made me giggle with a reference to muffins. 
Those of you who know me know I like to bake CAKES!
Mainly muffins as I like to think that they're slightly healthier if they hold one of your 5 a day, LOL.  Mind you this is not the case if they've got a couple of inches of butter cream on....

Are muffins ugly?

I shall let you decide.......

This picture is from here and is of the carrot variety, nomm, nomm!
And the benefit of muffins?   
They're usually bigger than cupcakes....mmm...maybe that is why I'm a fan.
Always good for the inspiration.

Why not pop on over to the Sugar Nellie blog and see what the other girls have found. 


Fiona said...

lol...I had to laugh at cake is ugly Erika!!

My ironing is calling me but I think I will save it for tomorrow!!


Flutterby Trina said...

a cake can never be ugly! they may not always be the prettiest.. but all I care about is how they taste! Beautiful cake! xx

Debbi Glennie said...

I have to say I don't make cupcakes, I make muffins - lots simpler. Who cares if they're ugly, they're nae bonny by the time they hit my stomach anyway

mixamatoasties said...

Rofl at Debz' comment. So true!

No cake is ever ugly. Well, maybe the ones on the cake wrecks blog might be classed as ugly...

Susan xx