Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's Saturday time to tickle that creative funny bone again.

Good morning and how are you today?
By now I will have been beavering in work for a couple of hours and well into another busy Saturday.  As usual I have found a couple of funny quotes about crafting to share with you in my absence.  This Saturday's theme is crocheting, for a change!
My boys would comment on this first quote and then snigger uncontrollably.  I guess boys minds are wired differently but in honour of them this is my first funny today.

Plenty of balls here!  ;)

This next one I can't really add to.

Fairy nuff, don't you think?
Something definitely to be wary of.

Have you ever felt like this?

I have to admit I sometimes don't listen to a crochet pattern either.  LOL.
Does this really just mean I have control issues, probably!  
Is it a bad thing?
Who cares.

Finally this none crafty quote made me laugh so I thought I'd add it too.

Again, I needn't add more.  
Is it just my sense of humour or did you find this funny too?
On the bright side, back to school next week.  I can't believe that is the holidays nearly over, hands up who else hasn't done everything, sorry, anything from their to do list over the break?  ME!
Still if I was as efficient as my to do list there would be something very wrong.  
I certainly would be running a temperature at the very least.

That's all from me today folks, my gang are having a boys only day tomorrow and I plan to craft, craft, craft!  
Who will know?!
Enjoy your weekend.  


Carol said...

Love these ones Erika...I have plenty of balls, I just need to do some crocheting! Enjoy your day tomorrow whatever you get up to. Carol x

Hazel said...

Another great selection of funnies. Hope work isn't to hard today. Hazel x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Great funnies today Erika, hope you get to craft tomorrow.

Diane said...

Morning Erika, love the quotes.

Hugs Diane