Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's Saturday, get that funny bone out for a wee yarn!

Good morning all, how are you this Saturday?
It's that time again for me to share a few creative funnies that I have found this week.  This week I am feeling as if my crocheting has been taking a back seat so that is the theme today.

Firstly this has been me all week.

Stupid question really, don't you agree?
Why would you ever choose cleaning first?
I think in this day and age why do things not clean themselves, we have to!  Thus giving us far more time to craft.  A perfect solution.

This next one did have me thinking of Harry Potter.  My youngest bought one of the wands whilst in the States last year.  It is beautiful but I don't know when he will ever use it!

At least I get plenty of use out of my magic wands.  :)

Finally I know a few of you who regularly pop over here are cat lovers so this one is for you.
It really did make me laugh out loud.  I have to say on the scale of crazy I am nowhere near this.....I think!

I freely admit I am more of a dog lover personally but even I wouldn't do this to a cat.  The look on it's face says it all really.
I have seen this look before though, usually when I ask my children to do chores, before swiftly escaping to their bedrooms.

So it must nearly be the end of the summer as the X Factor returns tonight.  Lots of changes a foot by the look of things.  Will you be watching?
After a day in work I quite to switch off and watch something easy, the best bit is all the auditions anyway.
I know I can't sing although I did get a compliment today, I think it was just kindness or maybe shock.  I rang my bank and was put on hold, so sang along with the tune playing, only to realise too late that the music had stopped and a lovely lady was listening to me!
We did have a giggle about it.
You'd think someone would tell folk they couldn't sing before they audition for these shows wouldn't you?
Still it is the best bit.

I hope you have a super weekend, more from me on Monday.


karenlotty said...

That poor cat!
I'm more of a dog person too. I love your Saturdays, your sayings set me up for the day. I've just posted my oldie,I loved your oldie too. Your monochrome offering is very sophisticated and timeless

Rainey's Craft Room said...

More fab funnies today Erika, the singing story was the best though I think, I chuckled at that one.
Enjoy your weekend and X Factor :)

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, sorry I didn't join with the Friday Oldie, felt I needed a wee break from computer stuff. I fee as if I'm becoming obsesive about blogging and commenting and it takes up so much time.
But here i am today. Great selection of funny quotes.No way would Teallach let me do that to him. Have good weekend, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Hello Erika,
More brilliant funnies ... love them
Have a great weekend
Patricia xxx

Barb said...

I'm a doggie person too but that poor cat doesn't look impressed. I've just joined so this is my first Saturday visit Erika. Love your style .... I loved the story about you singing along. I've never had anything I want to sing to so the person on the other end usually finds me mumbling and moaning. Mind you my hubby says I'm a half empty person and he's probably right hehe!. Barbxx

Carol said...

I don't do cats either...but that is mean lol! Saw some of X Factor last night...I can't believe some of them don't know they can't sing!! Obviously never had a child who told them they sing evil....Carol x