Thursday, March 01, 2012

My surprise!

White rabbits!

I did promise yesterday that I would share my lovely surprise from earlier in the week didn't I?  But first I wanted to thank everyone who left comments yesterday for my Anniversary, it was very kind of you all and I had a lovely curry out at lunch too.
What you want to know is WHAT was my surprise!

From my boss Jan at PI, thanks very much for organising it for me.  What a wonderful surprise.  I know I should already have this book but I have just never got around to getting it...needless to say it has already be read from cover to cover.  I was so excited!  Better still......look.....

OMG how lucky am I?!  I know....I had to sit down too!
I will treasure it and one thing is for sure I'll be ordering the second book as soon as it arrives in the UK.  Convert tick!

Back to Stitches how about a bit of Paper Artsy?

I'm loving this latest trend of matching die cuts to stamps oh I think I'm so going to NEED some of these!

And some lovely samples too.

Steam punk still seems to be big this year.

More from me again tomorrow.


Shazza said...

you lucky girly x

scrappymo! said...

Not a steam punk person myself but i love some of those dies and matching stamps.

Lau W said...

Aw ! super !