Sunday, March 11, 2012

All tied in knots!

My boys are away playing rugby and I should be making some Mother's day and birthday cards or even ironing but I thought it would be more fun to update my blog.  Blogging is most definitely addictive!

Today I am taking a break in my demo samples to share with you a wreath I made up whilst chilling one evening last week. 
I picked up a metal heart ring at Papercraft's boutique in Elgin having had a moment!  The light bulb in my head went on and I had to have the ring.  Now the usual occurrence is that the said item bought then makes it's way home to my craft room to be lost for ever more....only to be founds months or years later to be looked at thinking...."why did I buy that?!"  This was not the case this time.  I promptly got it home and set to work that evening.  Not at all like me.
Here is what I did;

This is such an easy wreath to make although it does take a lot of ribbon.  Guess I could have used less but I like it looking quite messy.  I did wonder about adding something more like a butterfly or flower but I do like the less is more approach in my home...for one it means less things to dust!

To all my crafting buddies who were lucky enough to get to the SECC for the craft event this weekend I hope you had a great time and picked up lots of yummy bargains.  One of these days I will make the trip down to Glasgow for a wander myself and maybe meet up with a few folk.

It only remains for me to wish you all a happy Sunday, enjoy whatever you are up to.


Fiona said...

wow Erika...this is amazing!! Looks so complicated!!


Lau W said...

Fabulous, and with a
fantastic color combo !

scrappymo! said...

This is very pretty and a lovely decoration for the scraproom or your home. I love the colour combo's.

Shazza said...

love those colours missy x