Saturday, October 22, 2016

It's the weekend time to share a creative smile or two.

Good morning and how are you today?
This is the last weekend of my holidays, I am going to take bad to going back to work!
As for yesterday, I had a great day with my bestie at the Golf View Hotel in Nairn for our Spa day.

We had a swim, Jacuzzi, together with use of the sauna and steam room, topped off with an outdoor hot tub looking out over the sea.  It was a beautiful day for it too.  The view was amazing.
Then we had a massage which was followed by afternoon tea, sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream plus a selection of cakes and oodles of tea.  All very civilised and relaxing. 
Then on our journey hope we did a little shopping, I even got the first of my Christmas presents.
A great day was had by us both and it was lovely to have a good catch up.

Back to today and as always I have been hunting down some creative quotes to share with you.  It is started to get hard.  If you are a friend on Facebook I apologise as I have already shared these this week. 
I did think that they were good enough to share again, so here goes.....

I have many bags like the above one in my craft room.  Do you too?  I bet you do.  Do you know the worst thing though?  It's when you open the bag and look at the item you've bought and can't remember why you bought it in the first place!

This next quote I firmly believe in.

Shame no one else in the house thinks the same. 
Only me?! 
Having said that hubby has cooked the last couple of evenings which has been nice. 

Finally this one is so true.   Us bloggers are testament to it.

Lets share away!
I have a very important meeting with my ironing board today, yippee, crampons at the ready.  I can't put it off any longer as all the holiday clothes build up. 
If I am good then maybe I'll get some crafting in later?
Enjoy your weekend folks, I hope you have some crafty fun planned? 
More from me again next week.


Barb said...

It sounds like the perfect day you shared with your bestie Erika. You did make me smile as I have two carriers like that on the floor of my cabin and they keep getting added to - stuff yet to be used that I couldn't live without. Regarding the 2nd funny it's not for me to say how God made me but I certainly do put crafting ahead of the other two and I certainly agree with the third. I enjoyed doing that yesterday - then had to trot home and cook dinner!

Good luck with the ironing. It's footie and Strictly day for me today with a bit of crafting in the middle. Hugs, Barbxx

cuilliesocks said...

Sounds like a brilliant day with your friend. As ever great quotes, despite the ironing have a lovely day, Kate x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

That sounds like a lovely treat. Great quotes as always x

Mrs A. said...

Sounds like a fab day out especially the scones and cream part. I find the worst part of opening those bags up is if you have watched someone at a show demonstrating the said stuff which of course you just have to buy to have a go yourself and then when you look in the bag you can't remember a darn thing about what to do with it!! Yep been there done it!!!!! lol.
Hugs Mrs A.