Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feeling hot, hot, hot.

Hello folks and I am back with you after having a wee break.  Now I did have the intention of getting the house all sorted and doing some DIY and decorating.
I did get the tidying and housework up to date but then whilst searching the internet for late deals in the sunshine we found this place in Ibiza and decided why not pop away for a week of sunshine, so we did.
We stayed at The Sensatori Resort in the bay of Cala Tarida for a week of sunshine and chilling.  Two books read, followed by lots of chilling, eating and drinking.  As for exercise, a little walking and exploring, swimming, tennis and a couple of sessions of archery.  Move over Robin Hood!  I even hit the target!
Such a lovely place, I really didn't want to come home.

The view from our room....

The beach.....

From the other side walking back to our hotel.

The rooms were really clean and tidy and just my colours, I wish I could transpose this back to old blighty, right up my street.

To the left was the balcony and to the right the sliding door lead to a small room with two single beds and a TV for the kids.  Behind this photo is the a big bath room with all you could need including robes, slippers and loads of toiletries.
I'm liking the wall art and the hanging lights next to the bed.  Oh and behind the photo lit up on an evening.  Very swish!

The pool was a tad cold but lovely once you were in with a bar close by to get snacks and drinks.  We were all inclusive for the first time which was great with the boys, they could help themselves whenever they wanted.

The restaurants were lovely and although you had to get up early and book it for the following night we had no problem with this.  Hubby was thrown out first thing in the morning to sort, which worked very well for the rest of us.  Our favourite restaurant was the Italian but the best view was from the Spanish.....

This was the sunsets that greeted you as you ate your tapas and paella.  How magic is that!
I could never, ever tire of seeing this view, with a lovely bottle of wine to wash it down.  ;)

The hotel was beautifully decorated throughout and I only wish I had taken more photos to share.  I seemed to be the only one with an old fashioned camera, most choosing to just use a mobile.  I did however find this quirky little number whilst out for a walk with my wee man.

I loved this iron gateway to a property, with Halloween approaching I thought it was quite appropriate and very cleverly made.

I also loved the shabby chic look of the beach bar and restaurant.  I would love these rustic chunky chairs and tables.

On closer look....

Nice and very rustic, just perfect down by the beach.

Lots of photos for you today, whether you like it or not!
Back to normal for me tomorrow, how do you fancy joining me digging out an oldie but goodie?
I hope you will.
I'm off now to make like Widow Twanky and wash till I drop, I better get some food shopping in too.
Wouldn't it be nice if everyday was like a holiday?
Back to normality with the Christmas rush ahead at work.  Yippee!  Bring it on.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Oh Erika I can see why you didn't want to return to the normality of the every day grind - this looks so idyllic. Everything looks so peaceful there, I'm glad you enjoyed your break, you deserve it.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, looks a lovely place, hope you are feeling recharged, Kate x

Carol said...

It looks lovely Erika, glad you managed to get a way...a bit of sunshine and relaxation does wonders for body and soul! Carol x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Good for you and what gorgeous photos, the hotel looks fabulous. Nice to know we are not alone in using cameras, mobiles are fine for times when you don't have a camera but not for all your hol pics x

Barb said...

I'm so glad you managed to get away after all. What great photos. The hotel looks wonderful and I love the bedroom. Now you'll find it hard coming down to earth again. Barbxx