Friday, March 28, 2014

Patsy Clairmont-crafting Part 2.....there's also a chilly edge to today's project!

Good morning all, brr it was cold this morning out walking on the beach and wet, not my favourite walking weather but it seems to be brightening up now.

I wanted to share is this video.....the part two from yesterday's "I like to craft!"
When I listened to this yesterday I really did laugh out loud.  
Have you listened to it and  have you had a project like this?!
I have, I planned on making a wreath and loved the idea so much I bought a dozen more wreaths to make as Christmas gifts one year.
Guess how many I made?
Yep, one and I kept it, LOL.  It too so long to make, my hands were sore by the time I finished.....I must find a picture of the culprit and share it with you.....another watch this space!

Back to today's post, it is the last day of school before our local Easter holidays, I would say my last day of freedom for a while but the wee man has been off again this week.  Apparently there is a virus doing the rounds that seems to be lingering and returning.....he isn't really poorly but just off colour and not his usual self. Calpol to the rescue!
As the kids are due their break I have decided to take time away from blogging over the next few days and enjoy some quality family time.  If I do get around to anything crafty I will share it with you but I'm not promising anything.  I intend on getting out and about and having some fun.

Before I go today I wanted to share this with you.  This is a bespoke card made recently for a lady with a very specific brief.....a snowcapped mountain with skis, poles and boots!

I'll see what I can do......

                                                                                                                                .......and here it is.

I think I've fitted the brief don't you?

It only remains for me to wish you all the best over the coming days....if you have children at home, enjoy!
I'll be back soon with more crafty fun.  x


Cass said...

that's fab Erika! Enjoy the Easter break.Our schools don't stop until next Friday xx

Hazel said...

Your card is brilliant as usual you have done what you where asked for, enjoy your time with your family, we will still be here! Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Enjoy your break with the kids. They are far more important than Blogland, we will miss you though.
Your card is fantastic got everything you were asked for.

Patricia xxx

Crafty Lark said...

Definitely fitted the brief Erika, I also like it loads. Thank You for the second giggle and have a great break. xx Flora

cuilliesocks said...

Fab card Erika, fits the brief.
Hope your wee chap feels better soon, have a lovely time with your family, hugs Kate x

Wilma Brown said...

Beautiful card and fits the remit perfectly. Hope your wee man is feeling better, nothing worse than feeling ill during the holidays. Have fun with your boys.

Wilma x x x