Monday, March 03, 2014

Daisy's but not as you know them......hooking style!

Morning all, another dreich start here but then it was forecast today, the weekend was bright and sunny if not a little cold so we shouldn't complain.
How was yours?

Work was busy Saturday and Sunday with a lot going on, all the fun of the fair!
Yesterday afternoon after I'd finished work I met up with my crafting buddies and had some fun crocheting. With a chilled out night continuing my crocheting.  That was my weekend gone!
So I've got a daisy chain I would like to create in the colours of my room to replace the heart bunting I made in February.  I therefore would like to stick to a white, teal and biscuit colour combination.
These are my practise flowers getting to grip with the pattern and what size hook to use.

I've put them in the order I've made them....I'm preferring the forth one on a smaller hook but I think I like the colour combo of the second one....what do you think?
Decisions, decision.....I do have better things to be doing!
But not nearly as much fun.  
I will let you see the finished article when I've got it done and dusted.  
This week is will mostly be my evening project for in front of the fire!

Now did you recognise the chapel I got married at then?
Those of you lovely ladies who left comments, which I am always very grateful for, didn't get about I give you an easier clue......

You must have got it now?!
Especially those Scottish even bigger clue!
I shall leave that with you and be back tomorrow with more.  Have a good Monday.  x


Patricia said...

Love, love, love those little flowers.
I like them in all the colours.
My word!! what a fantastic place to get married, good for you.

Patricia xx

Elaine said...

Still not a clue but it's a castle!
Looks gorgeous though.

In also prefer the smaller design, but in the teal and biscuit shade. Clever devil you are!

(I wonder if Nigel ever thought he wife would turn out to be hooker!)

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

Janice said...

Love your daisy flowers & would love to learn how to crochet - fancy doing a class at Meldrum? As for the castle - me thinks Edinburgh! Lovely venue for a wedding - bet you got great photos, Jx