Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Did I already mention in my earlier post that I was in "chat" mode today?
I must be.
Anyway thought I would share what I am going to be up to today once I can "step away from the 'puter!

Sssh don't tell anyone as this is my next SB challenge card, it's a secret!

The reason why I am working on my computer desk rather than my craft desk, well, cough,
could be because I can't get on my desk!

I know you want a picture, don't you?

Hangs my head in shame, yes, my desk really is a muddle most of the time. 
You can't see the worst of it by my strategic photo snapping!
On the upside it's all lovely new stash that I have received from good friends and a couple of stamps picked up at the weekend...waiting patiently to be played with....well it would be rude not too.  :)

Why not check out other folks desks over with Julia.
You know you want too, LOL.


Julia Dunnit said...

Moulin Rouge papers, underwear stamps - do I spot a theme? Show us you whole desk next time - honestly,we are unshockable!! Have a fun day with your new stuff.

Andria said...

Enjoy all your fun new supplies. Looks like lots of your things are in packages, so it doesn't look TOO untidy! :-) Happy WOYWW!

Juls said...

lovely to see tour work space ... so your going sassy in the next sugar bowl challenge :-) .... Look forward to seeing what you create! Your Moulin Rouge papers look just lush!! I've not seen them before but will be keeping a beady eye out for them as I visit various craft shops!! ... shame I missed you saturday I had planned to be there but had a visit from my inlaws!!! Hugs Juls

Cathy said...

Fab desk Erika, love all that stash. And wonder what you're making ;)
Cathy xx

kath said...

that's not messy that's what we crafters call a creation waiting to happen...thanks for the snoop..hugs kath xxx

Sarpreet said...

Beautiful papers, Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 105, #22 (please do check out my blog candy for charity)

MaggieC said...

That desk is not a muddle, just lovely new stuff to play with.