Monday, January 24, 2011

Well what did you craft over the weekend?
Yesterday was our Hopeman crop but it was at Duffus for a change. 
It's panto season in Hopeman so our usual venue was busy....."oh yes it was!"
I decided to have a go at the recent house challenge over on UK Scrappers for this month.....
note to self check the date next time! 
Yes having a bit of a moment as I didn't notice the last date to enter the challenge was the 17th of this month, dur!
Still I get 10 points instead of 30 which is more than I got last January!!  :)

I have used papers from Little Yellow Bicycle Christmas delight range. 
The ribbon, bling, tags, rub ons and acrylic star are from my own stash.

The photo was taken at MacKenzie and Cruickshank in Forres...the place to go for beautiful homemade soup and special scones locally, nom, nom!
On this day before Christmas we had gone for Christmas soup and a cheese scone, delish.
On the way out we noticed that they had a Santa and our youngest boy asked to see him.
It was great VFM as you got a photograph and a gift plus there was no queue to speak of, but best of all was Santa himself.
He had a lovely chat with my boy asking about what he wanted for Christmas etc...but as he was finished he called my eldest boy and us over.
He told the boys that mum and dad help him with the run up to Christmas so he thought it would be a great idea if the following morning the kids made us breakfast in bed.
Like that would happen!!

Well it did!
I heard my youngest the following morning telling his big brother "remember what Santa said....he might not come if we don't!"
So the wee one made us the biggest bowls of cornflakes with oodles of milk on the kitchen floor.
(My first job when I got up was to clear up the mess, LOL)
The oldest made us a cup of hot I know you are questioning why I have said "HOT"!
Well, on the odd occasion in the past when he has made us a cup of tea, usually when he is after something, he doesn't always wait for the kettle to finish boiling as apparently it takes far too long!
 So to get a hot cup of tea was wonderful.

I had to pop into the garden centre for soup and a scone this month too :) so mentioned it to the staff how impressed I was that, thanks to Santa, mum and dad had breakfast in bed.
The best Christmas present ever!


Juls said...

Fab, I love all the layers! Hugs Juls

Kirsti said...

Lovely Erika...and a fab wee story too...xx

Shazza said...

it is fab Erika, looks even better in real life