Thursday, August 06, 2009

Before heading across the pond our local village had it's annual gala...normally I do not enter but this year I thought why not?

This is my card entry. I used a Stamps Happen image Collecting sea shells...I've had this stamp for a long time but never found the occasion to use we are by the sea I thought it appropriate, together with Paper Adventures tropical breeze papers.

I entered a charm bracelet into the Jewelry section in keeping with the beach/seaside theme. I really enjoyed making this as I rarely make nonpapercraft items, and I have a vile of Hopeman sand as a reminder of what a great place I live.

Finally onto my photographic entry..this was really last minute and is one of those pictures that doesn't come around often (in my case!). I took it last year whilst having fun with my kids on the beach. I have a canvas of this at home and love it to bits, courtesy of my brother.


Sharon said...

All beautiful entries Erika

princessfiona said...

Well done Erika!! Love the charm bracelet.