Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kreative blog award

I have been sent this award by Sharon over on My little pad 
It is my first award Sharon so I am well chuffed that you thought to send it to me.

So onto the rules:

To have this award is to pass it on – the instructions are as follows:
1. Thank the person giving the award.

2. Copy the award graphic to your blog.

3. Place a link to their blog.

4. Name seven things people don’t know about you.

5. Nominate seven bloggers you admire.

6. Place a link to these bloggers.

7. Leave a comment on their blog notifying them of the award.
Right onto the nitty gritty......Sharon thanked tick, award copied tick, link to blog tick...gosh seven things folk won't know about me!!!
1.  I'm stuck on one, lol, I used to dance and qualified as a dance instructor.
2.  My favourite chocolates are Thortons Dessert selection but would be very happy with a bar of Dairy Milk.
3.  I get really nervous when I go somewhere new...and would rather avoid going!
4.  I can ski up-hill, lol!  (Don't ski well)
5.  In the Navy I came top in all my training (5) but only recieved an award twice.  Work that one out!
6.  I've been told I'm a perfectionist.....but I'm trying hard not to be!
7.  My hubby says for this one "I never tell my husband I love him!"  That's because I'd run out of buckets to puke in, lol.
These are the folk that inspire me:
Right I'm off to tell them the news.....  


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

oooo how interesting!! I love noseying into other people's lives!! Great answers!

you don't need to come and tell me ...I popped over and read it here first!! Thanks for thinking of me :)

I will get around to posting it...I just have to tell you I am the VERY worst poster of awards!! And I feel very guilty about it ! LOL!!

Hugs Judy xx

Anonymous said...

awwww thanks Erika... you're such a sweetie!

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Thanks for the award Erika.

And i love number 7, it made me chuckle

Sharon said...

Love reading your 7 facts. I can just see you in your leotard and leg warmers strutting it to Fame :-)

Jacqui said...

Thank You so much Erika, you've made my day!