Monday, July 02, 2007

Gosh today it rained in fact it has been wet all week but this was RAIN. It reminded me of a trip to Florida before kids when hubby and I left a cinema wondering why everyone was sheltering from a bit of rain. We were wet to the skin by the time we reached the car and realised why all the sensible folk took cover. It is still raining but not as bad. I feel for all the people flooded out of their homes at the moment it must be a nightmare.

Today my youngest got to go to nursery to play and loved it so much he didn't want to come home. He can't wait to start in August. My eldest announced who he has for next year saying she is VERY strict, to which I thought hurrah, he needs it!

On to crafting a very special person Mabel who has become our surrogate granny up here had her birthday this week and this was her card.
Mabel has helped me with the house and the kids for years and has finally decided in her 70's to retire, I only hope I have half her energy at that age and she will be dearly missed by not only me but the boys too.
I hope she will pop past for coffee now and again and keep in touch.

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